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HYPE is a groundbreaking platform that makes advanced graphics technology accessible to anyone from individuals and SMBs to global corporations interested in creating immersive 3d visuals as easily as they do a PowerPoint presentation. The platform is developed on top of the world’s most advanced real-time rendering technology – Epic Games’ UNREAL ENGINE.

HYPE enables nontechnical users to create and customize hyper realistic, 3D motion content in real-time, apply stunning visual effects, animate, and export it to common media formats. HYPE consists of a desktop (currently Windows only) visual editor and cloud based high-performance rendering and video encoding server.

The product is still under active development. If you’re a digital marketer or advertising agency and looking for faster and cost-efficient ways to deliver stunning visuals to your clients, please contact us for an early access.

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01 /  Unreal Engine programming

Unreal Engine has been initially designed to develop games, but now it is rapidly adopted by many industries including TV/Films and advertising. Novel use cases require extending the functionality of the engine. We add new functionality through C++ plugins development, as well as modification of the engine’s core systems in case a very deep level of customization is required.

  • Custom shading models, vertex factories and asset types.

  • Movie render queue custom media encoding formats.

  • Sequencer API and related tools for motion design pipeline.

  • Post-process VFX shaders and advanced UI.

  • Porting and integration of 3rd party native libraries.

02 / Real time graphics & video rendering 

Low level rendering systems design and development is our core expertise. We provide professional custom rendering solutions in the following areas:

  • Complete 3D/2D rendering “from scratch” solution architecture design and implementation using industry standard APIs such as: Vulkan, OpenGL/ES, WebGL across multiple platforms (Linux, Windows, Android).

  • GPU accelerated, headless real-time video encoding / decoding solutions for cloud-based platforms, using NVIDIA Video SDK and CUDA Toolkit, Vulkan Video API.

  • Video/audio/image transcoders & multiplexers development on top of low-level APIs such as LibAV, VP8/9.

  • GPU accelerated text and vector graphics rendering solutions.

  • Refactoring, porting, and optimization of existing rendering engine.

03 / Tools and Plugins for Adobe Creative Suit

Adobe After Effects and Premier are industry standard video editing tools used by millions of creative professionals around the globe. These programs provide programmable APIs which allow addition of custom functionality such as visual effects, media formats import/export and even completely customized renderers via plugins. We develop high performance, GPU accelerated plugins for Adobe After Effects and Premier with Adobe Plug-in SDK and CEP (Panel SDK).

About Us
About Us

Code Artworks provides tailor made and unique software development solutions in the field of real-time rendering, primarily for the media and video advertising industry. The company was found by Michael Ivanov, who brings years of professional experience in developing high-performance, real-time rendering systems for world's leading media and video advertising companies. If your business is in search of a custom graphics rendering solution based whether on an existing technology or to be designed and developed from scratch - this is your stop. We deliver software at the highest engineering standards, focusing on the balance between high-performance and low resource consumption, maintainability, and scalability.

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