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01 /  Low level GPU graphics & video rendering 

Low level rendering systems design and development is our core expertise. We provide professional custom rendering solutions in the following areas:

  • 3D/2D rendering implementation “From scratch” using OpenGL and Vulkan API across multiple platforms (Linux, Windows, Android).

  • GPU accelerated, headless real-time video encoding / decoding solutions for cloud based platforms, using Nvidia Video SDK, CUDA and Vulkan Video API

  • Custom video/audio multiplexers development on top of FFMPEG libraries.

  • Complete engine architecture design for cloud based, high-performance latency sensitive, scalable graphics processing software.

  • GPU accelerated text and vector graphics rendering solutions.

  • Refactoring, porting and optimization of the existing graphics rendering engine.

02 / Unreal Engine programming

We help with extending the existing or adding a new functionality to Unreal Engine via C++ plugins.

We have proven experience in extending UE4 with custom video/image encoders, rendering pipelines and shading models​, data loaders and asset types, post process VFX and advanced UI.

03 / Real-time applications for data visualization

We develop cross-platform, interactive, real-time and high-fidelity 3D data visualization solutions using Unreal Engine for desktops and Three.js for Web. If there is a requirement to use another rendering technology, we can adjust fast.

04 / Code review and technical training

Our team has rich experience in training technical staff in the field of GPU rendering and high-performance C/C++ coding. We provide extensive training of R&D teams in the area of GPU accelerated rendering and run-time optimization.

05 / Tools and Plugins for Adobe Creative Suit

Adobe AfterEffects and Premier are industry standard video editing software used by millions of creative professionals around the globe. These tools are heavily based on external plugins and provide programmable APIs which allow addition of custom functionality such as visual effects, media formats import/export and even  completely customized renderers. We have a solid industrial experience with Adobe After Effects and Premier extensions development.

About Us

Code Artworks provides tailor made and unique software development solutions in the field of real-time rendering, primarily for the rich media and video advertising industry. Our small team consists of experts who bring years of professional experience in developing high-performance, real-time rendering systems for world's leading media and advertising companies. If your business is in search of a special purpose custom GPU accelerated graphics rendering solution based whether on an existing technology or to be designed and developed from scratch - we are the guys to make it happen. We deliver software at the highest engineering standards, focusing on the balance between high-performance and low resource consumption, maintainability, and scalability.

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